Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Florida Plant: Building & Baptisms

Florida Plant Building Need  Baptisms & Ordination
The (above) picture is the final piece of the puzzle with regard to maximizing the use of the current facility we are leasing on a monthly basis for the Florida Plant.  God has allowed us to partner with our Kenyan/Ugandan brethren to build thirty sanctuaries as well as the Bible Institute which is currently under construction over the last dozen years.  Praise Our Lord for His provision through the many individuals and Churches who believe in the Great Commission centered work God has called us to do.   We now find ourselves facing another building need but this time at the Florida Plant.   We have knocked out as many walls as possible to allow for continued growth but that has come at the expense of classroom space.  The shed we use for the Jr Church provided temporary relief but has also become overcrowded (BELOW) PICS.  So we are left with the option of looking for a new facility to lease or add another portable structure to our current facility.   We have agreed to purchase the (above) portable structure which will be moved and set up on our current property.  It is a 24x44' modular educational building which will be used for Jr. Church and double as a fellowship hall.   We have to use an outside tent for fellowships so it will be nice to be able to have meals on the grounds indoors.  

As you can see from the below picture, the new portable classroom will provide sufficient
         space for continued growth...

 Our "African" mentality has made us very frugal and we have tried to be good stewards with all that God has allowed to be apart of.   I believe this new addition is a low cost building which stays true to that ministry methodology.    We need a few ministry partners to come along side of us to bring this project to fruition.    If you can't give, you can pray that the Lord will provide for this worthy cause.   And they said, Let us rise up and build. So they strengthened their hands for this good work.  The below thermometer is where we currently stand with fund raising.   

Salvations & Baptism
 As you can see from the (below) pictures, we are experiencing a steady flow of professions of faith and converts following the Lord Jesus in scriptural baptism.  After salvation and baptism we are privileged to carry them through a comprehensive discipleship program to help ground them in their new faith.   Many of our new converts are children but as you can see from these pictures, some are young adults as this young married couple trust Jesus as Lord.  

 Ordination Service 
We also had the recent privilege to ordain Bro. Brian Canaday into the gospel ministry.  He has been a humble servant of God for many years and has been a blessing to the Florida Church plant.   As our ministry spans two continents the Church plant needs a trusted and proven Man of God who can fill the pulpit and lead services in my absence on a regular basis. 

 We look forward to connecting with you in Knoxville at the ABA annual messenger meeting. Stop by our booth and say Jambo! Hola! or Hello!

Thank you for taking this journey of faith with us and we covet your continued prayers as we press toward the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus.      

In His Service,
Bro. Chuck & Sis. Terry Fernandez
Kenya/Uganda/Florida Plant