Friday, January 12, 2018

Finding Our Way Back Home, Continued Growth & Year End Report

Blessed Christmas & Happy New Year!

Terry and I pray you and your family had a blessed Christmas and as we look forward to the New Year we look forward to God's continued blessings as well as Jesus soon coming.   When we look back at 2017 we can't help but to thank all those individuals and Churches who have faithfully and sacrificially supported the work Terry and I are doing in Florida/Uganda and Kenya with your prayers and finances.  We will need your continued prayers and support as we press towards the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus in 2018.

Personal Note: Finding Our Way Back Home 
As another year passes, we see ourselves still trying to find our way back home.   Its been several years since we came off the field as full time foreign Missionaries and while our home is in Florida our hearts are still very much in East Africa.   That statement may seem odd unless you have been a foreign Missionary at some time in your life and been forced to return home.  We love our country, our American brethren and Churches, but the longer we are home the more we realize that we are still foreign in many ways.   The dear members at the Florida Plant realize this week in and week out as we constantly update them on what God is doing through the Kenya/Uganda Church development side of our ministry.  I often think to myself and wonder how many Churches take live calls during service from East African Pastors and how many others Churches have to endure their Pastor teaching them Swahili/Spanish and English?  They listen intently but I'm sure they think Terry and I are weird in so many ways, LOL.   All of this unsettledness reminds me of this saying about Missionaries,"home is everywhere, home is nowhere."    This year we have made an effort to continue to re-assimilate by purchasing a piece of property in Florida for our RV. 
It has been eleven years since we started this season of ministry doing deputation out of an RV.  And its funny how life turns full circle and we are back in an RV.  We sold our home, our vehicles, our business and virtually everything we owned and walked away from life as we knew it.   It blows my mind that over a decade has passed in which God has done so many amazing works in and through our lives but yet we are still recovering and rebuilding our lives. 
There is always sacrifice involved in serving the Lord whole heartily but the reward is always greater. Please do not misunderstand this blog entry, we do not share these personal details for sympathy but to ask for your continued prayers as we find our way back home and continue to rebuild our lives.   Ultimately, we understand that we are all pilgrims and sojourners just passing through.  
Record Numbers: 40 Professions of Faith    
Our first year (2015) at The Florida Plant we led 23 to Christ, last year we saw 27 make professions of faith in Jesus Christ and this year we have led 40 precious souls to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. This includes our youth ministries, van ministry, prison ministries, VBS and various other soul winning outreaches.  We preach the gospel each and every service and make a serious effort to purposely go soul winning on a regular basis.   Additionally we have in home bibles studies and discipleship training to help our converts grow in their faith.  This year we have also started Faith Bible Institute as part of our regular Bible study programs.   

Record Numbers: 112 Attendence:  
Our attendance continues to grow slowly but surely.  Our first year we averaged 20-30, our second year we average 40-50 and this year we are averaging 60-70 with a record high of 112 in attendance.   We regularly have quarterly promotions and programs to encourage our members to invite their family, friends and co-workers.   Its been said, "if you aim at nothing, you will hit nothing."  We consistently ask the Lord to fill His house and set goals to accomplish His will.

Record Numbers:  Contacts & Visits: 
We know the reason we are continuing this season of growth is because the Lord is giving the increase. 1Cor. 3:7  So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase.  We also realize the law of the harvest teaches us that the more seeds we plant and water the more fruit we will have to harvest.   To that end we have made over five hundred contacts and visits over the last year.   This is primarily accomplished by engaging our community through our van visitation program but we also have various other aforementioned outreaches.

    Prison Ministry:  Spanish & English:   
The prison ministry continues to grow numerically and spiritually as the inmates grow in their faith and wisdom from the Word of God.   We are targeting new arrivals and encouraging the older Christians to become soul winners inside the walls. Additionally we have seen several men surrender to the gospel ministry this year and have also seen record highs in Chapel services.   God has given me a heart of love for these outcasts of society and as I teach and preach the Word of God to them, it is as if I am in a foreign land sharing God's Word with another lost tribe.   Mat 25:35  For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:
Mat 25:36  Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.  

Deputation,  Mission  Conferences & State & National Meetings 
In no way am I comparing myself to the Apostle Paul, with the exception that I consider myself to the be among the least of the Missionaries.   However, I can surely relate to a statement he made with regard to the care of the churches in 2 Cor. 11:28  "Beside those things that are without, that which cometh upon me daily, the care of all the churches."   Maintaining a ministry that spans two continents has it challenges.  One of those challenges is the delicate balance between doing ministry and supplying the financial needs of the ministry.   To that end, Terry and I are regularly burning the road with deputation appointments to seek new support and maintain current support.  This also includes attending mission conferences of supporting Churches as well as local, state and national Missionary Baptist meetings to report on our work.    During the last eleven years of this journey of faith we have come to realize that God has never let us down and he always supplies the needs of His people when we do His work, His way.

Thank you for allowing us to share our journey of faith and thank you again to each and every ministry partner who supports us prayerfully and financially.   Please continue to pray for the work in Kenya/Uganda and Florida.
In His Service,
Bro. Chuck & Sis. Terry Fernandez
Kenya/Uganda/Florida Plant
 Specific Prayer Needs:
More Converts
More Baptisms
New Van for Van Ministry
Larger Florida Building
Tents for New Bible Studies
Audio Bibles for Kerio Valley
Paper Back Swahili Bibles
New Sanctuaries Kenya/Uganda
English (KJV) Bibles




Kenya/Uganda Church Development....2017 Year End Report

The Kenya/Uganda side of our work is growing faster than we can keep up.   New villages are being reached with the gospel, new Bibles studies are starting, new Churches are being organized,  new sanctuaries are being built and new preachers are being called to preach.    There are many days when I look at the great work God is doing in East Africa and I become overwhelmed by it all.  I can only thank Him and praise Him more for allowing us the honor and privilege of being a small part of it all.  Our Kenyan/Ugandan brethren have a passionate love for Christ that compels them to follow Him and carry out the Great Commission to the uttermost parts of the earth.    We praise the Lord for allowing us and our ministry partners to come along side of them to provide Bibles, Seminars, Tents and Buildings.   One of the greatest sources of joy is knowing that all the Churches are independent, sound in doctrine as well as self propagating.  To God be the glory, great things He hath done.   Another source of great joy is knowing that these folks are motivated by a great love for Christ and we fully understand that they would do what they are doing without us.   God uses us to encourage and exponentially  grow the work but they are not totally dependent on us.  Ministerial harmony and unity is something we have enjoyed since we first arrived in Kenya.   Thank you for holding the rope with your faithful prayers and support.   We look forward to reporting live from Kenya again in March of this new year.
246 Professions of Faith

The combined Churches (34) located on Mt. Elgon, the Kerio Valley & Lake Victoria have led over 2000 people to Christ during the calendar year 2017.  The detailed locations village by village can be found in the attached year end report.   From the earliest days of our work in Kenya, we shared our burden to reach the lost and taught them how to do hut to hut evangelism.   They are now reaching more people and more new villages than Terry and I could have ever dreamed or imagined.   As a matter of reference, these Churches are sending out evangelist's on a weekly basis and have traveled as far as 300 kilometers from where we left off with our evangelism team.    Please continue to pray that God will bless them in 2018 with another bountiful harvest of souls who will become born again by God 's Spirit and unite with His local Church

 Evangelist Alex Cheriembe Praying For New Convert
It is exciting to see new Bible Studies (12) forming as a result of their village evangelism outreaches and equally exciting to see many of the new Bible studies organizing into scriptural New Testament Churches.     The gospel continues to be preached where Christ has not been named.   Four of the seven new Churches organized in 2017 are located in Uganda.   We currently have five of these new Bible Studies which need tents.   The villages of Changara and Sirende are located on Mt. Elgon and  Chepchoina, Alaale and Sayawan are located in the Kerio Valley.   $750.00 is a small investment to make in God's kingdom work and will allow these new Bibles studies to meet without the sun or the rain beating down upon them.  Would you consider one of these new Bible Tents as a giving goal for 2018?  

Evangelist Peter Barasa Preaching at Sirende, 78 have trusted Christ
Malomonye Bible Study, Mt. Elgon

New Church: Landmark Baptist Asilong meeting under trees in Kerio Valley

Four New Sancturaries Completed

By the grace of God we were able to partner with three of our Kenya/Uganda Churches to build sanctuaries and one of the Churches was able to build a sanctuary on their own without our assistance.  We have well documented the completed sanctuaries this year in previous reports, however I believe it is even more impressive when the Churches take the initiative to raise funds through the offerings of the members to build without our assistance.    While you will see a difference in the type of materials used for building and the size of the sanctuary, the indigenous sanctuary built and paid for by the members of the Church is no less impressive.  If you are looking for a Mission project for 2018, know that every dollar given towards these new sanctuaries is used for the designated building, 100%.  Pictured below right, notice that our Kenyan brethren are also doing their part in constructing walls to enclose the sanctuaries.   These construction projects are very much a joint effort. 

Newly Completed Sanctuary, Landmark Baptist Saboti, Mt. Elgon
1st Newly Completed Uganda Sanctuary, LBC Kakaron
        (Thank you Pastor Carl Wells & Willow Oak Baptist Church)
Bibles & Seminars
Terry and I have always believed that one our most basic responsibilities as foreign Missionaries is to supply new converts and new churches with the Word of God.   Over the last year through our faithful ministry partners we have given out hundreds of copies of John & Romans,  hardback Bibles and Solar powered audio Bibles.   In addition to supplying Bibles we sponsor quarterly seminars for Pastors, Church leaders, Women and Youth.   Each time we return to Kenya we host Preachers seminars with teams of Pastors from the USA.   We make every effort to help equip the Saints of God for the work he has called them to do.
                                        Solar Powered Audio Bibles
Personal Highlight: Terry's Return
As you can see, God has done many great things over the last year in East Africa.  However, one of His greatest works was done in our hearts and particularly Terry's heart as she was able to return to Kenya after a two and half year break due to health issues from living and working there.    As I have stated previously, we do not know if this was Terry's last trip to Kenya but we thank God for raising her up to be able to return to at least have closure to that chapter in her life.    It saddens me that she is truly in her element working, teaching and mentoring the Wamama's (women) of Kenya but yet unable to live there full-time.  The comfort comes from seeing her legacy live on through the hundreds and possible thousands she has led to Christ and from watching the ladies she has taught and mentored taking the initiative to pick up the baton and move forward teaching other women.
Thank you for allowing us to share our journey of faith and thank you again to each and every ministry partner who supports us prayerfully and financially.  
Please continue to pray for the work in Kenya/Uganda and Florida.

 Thank you for allowing us to share our journey of faith and thank you again to each and every ministry partner who supports us prayerfully and financially.   Please continue to pray for the work in Kenya/Uganda and Florida  
 In His Service,
Bro. Chuck & Sis. Terry Fernandez
Kenya/Uganda/Florida Plant
Specific Prayer Needs:
More Converts


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Construction Update: Three Sancturaries & Three More Plots

So much is happening with the Church development side of our work in Kenya and Uganda that I can barely keep with the reporting.   Given the size and scope of the great work God is doing I will probably need to send out these latest developments in multiple journal/blog entries.   However lengthy, we pray your faith will be encouraged by what you see and read.   Its been over six months since we started our latest building campaign and thanks to our generous ministry partners we have three new sanctuaries that have been completed.   All three of the buildings are second generation Church plants which Terry and I help start before we left in 2014.  These latest three sanctuaries bring the total constructed to twenty two over the last ten years.   We praise the Lord for what he has done through the feeble and humble efforts of this Missionary and His wife.  We give Him all the praise and all the glory and within the same breath we ask Him to supply the needs of a dozen more new Churches which are meeting in houses, under tents or under trees.   Would you join us in this prayer to put these young church plants into a more permanent phase of ministry by helping them buy a plot of land ($1,000.00) and by helping them build a permanent structure which they are encouraged to bring to completion. ($4,000).   These Churches are doctrinally sound and are sending out evangelists, starting Bible studies and  planting new Churches while meeting under tents.   If you cannot help construct an entire sanctuary, please pray about giving a special one time offering towards this worthy cause.  Phil. 4:17  Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account. 
Landmark Baptist Church of Chenginji

If you have followed our ministry, this Church is located at the base of Mt. Elgon.  Pastor Moses was one of the village reprobates from the neighboring village of Mayanja whom we led to Christ and trained in the gospel ministry.  This is a second generation Church and this is the village where Terry contracted malaria which led to her health crisis. They started meeting under trees and we had given them a tent but they were ready for a permanent sanctuary.  Now, thanks to our ministry partners at 1st Baptist Church of Kingstowne, Virginia, they have a permanent roof over their head where they can continue to worship the Lord Jesus as well as educate and encourage the Saints of God. 

The Above Pics were Terry's last evangelism efforts in Chengenji

All of the poles and trusses are fabricated at the base of Mt. Elgon and then transported to Mountain, the Kerio Valley and Uganda.
Even the Women Members of the Church help move the timbers to the site of the new sanctuary.
Even the Women Members of the Church help move the timbers to the site of the new sanctuary.
Pastor Moses Proudly stands next to the nearly completed sanctuary
(An Answer to His Prayers) 

This is the type of sanctuary we help our brethren construct (22) over the last ten years.   While I realize at first glance you may be thinking it is not finished, however our partnership with these young churches require that they bring these sanctuaries to full completion as to create ownership and investment into THEIR church.   They will make bricks, collect stones, make mud or whatever method they choose to make these structures truly indigenous to their area.  Depending on the effort we see put forth we will still have the opportunity to help them with cement and or other items to facilitate the construction of the walls at a later date. 
Landmark Baptist Church of Morreweis  
Located in the Kerio Valley. This is a second generation Pokot Church plant in a village known as the "Murderers" because of the many men who have committed murder to prove their manhood. They are now born again Christians and growing in their faith in Jesus.   The have been transformed by their faith in Christ and a village which was once full of darkness has now become a village of the light.   They love the Lord and they are faithful to His Church.   Thanks to our ministry partners at Baumhauer Road Baptist Church, they now have a roof over their head to shelter them from the hot Kerio Valley sun which regularly reaches over 100 degrees.  
The Village Elders were present to approve the sale of the plot to the Church. The land is not deeded in the Pastor's name or the Missionary's name but the name of the Church to insure true autonomy

The Poles and trusses arrived from the Mt. Elgon region without any problems.   Everything is designed so that they can install poles and trusses without power tools.   Just a couple of wrenches.   This design comes from years of trial and error knowing that the day would come when they would have to be able to build these type of structures without our presence.   
It does my heart good to see them succeed in self propagation and self sufficiency.   (Note One of the Women Members Carrying heavy steel poles

The New Sanctuary is nearing completion with the addition of the tin roofing.  I realize that steel poles and trusses may not look indigenous but that ladder surely is.   The steel is necessary due to termites that would destroy a wooden sanctuary within a year.   We pray this steel skeleton will stand till Jesus returns. 
 Special thanks to all those who give sacrificially to our ministry so the gospel may continue to be preached to the uttermost parts of the earth.   In addition to these three completed sanctuaries we have purchased three more plots in advance believing by faith that God will continue to supply the resources we need to equip God's Churches to fulfill their calling. If you are interested in adopting a future Sanctuary on Mt. Elgon or in the Kerio Valley please email me: or call me at (352)-277-1753.  
Please continue to pray for the work in Kenya/Uganda and Florida.
Thank you for your prayerful support and for allowing us to share this journey of faith.

In His Service,
Chuck & Terry Fernandez
Bro. Chuck & Sis. Terry Fernandez
Kenya/Uganda/Florida Plant

The Video Below was created by our brethren
                                 at 1st   Baptist Church of Kingstowne.  Enjoy!! 



Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Oakland MBC, VBS & 65 Professions

As we travel this journey of faith, God reminds us from time to time that we are stronger when we work together than alone and we are to encourage and exhort one another in our faith.  Such was the case with our historic first VBS at the Florida Plant.   VBS is one of the most labor intensive events on any Church calendar, however God would use Oakland MBC from Rusk, Texas to come along side of us for this important week.   Can you imagine having twenty well trained, well organized servants of God show up at your Church to work with your people to bring kids to Christ?  It is one thing to tell somebody you love them and support the work they are doing for the Lord.  But to put feet to your prayers and works with your faith takes that love and support to whole 'nother level which is rarely seen.  We thank Pastor Jamie Hogan and His folks for traveling fourteen hours to be such a blessing to us as we labor here in Florida. 

Pastor Jamie Hogan and His Crew from Oakland MBC, Rusk Texas
Our first day together would take us out into the highways and hedges door knocking six local neighborhoods in our area.   It was great to see the folks from Oakland MBC out with us to promote VBS.   Terry and I can be found out in a village or a neighborhood on a weekly basis, however our brethren from Rusk live in such a rural area that they literally do not have many neighborhoods.  So they really relished the opportunity to go door to door with the gospel and inviting children to VBS.  We were once again reminded what God will do through the obedience of His servants when they simply Go ye therefore and teach all nations.  

Door Knocking & Bringing them In!
God would use our humble efforts in the hot, humid Florida summer sun to bring three van loads of children to Church each night.   Breaking a sweat for Jesus was an understatement but the spirit of unity revealed a great labor of love.  In fact, God poured out such a blessing that we had to run multiple van routes on some nights.   While "bringing them In" from the fields of sin expends much energy, it provides great joy, encouragement and momentum to a new Church plant.

 Terry and I have been involved in many VBS's over the years but I have to say that this one was one the best with regard to planning and organization.  There was also a great unity of spirit between the Oakland MBC brethren and our Florida Plant folks.  And of course, with any VBS, it is always a GREAT joy and never gets old watching ten of these precious children come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Even now we are in process of confirming their salvation and planning on baptizing them in the near future.
Opening Prayer before the Children Arrive

We give all the praise, honor and glory to God for His grace continues to be great upon us.  He has used Pastor Jamie Hogan and His crew from Oakland MBC to be a blessing to this Missionary, His wife, The Florida Plant and to the many children in Hernando and Citrus County Florida.   Thank you for allowing us to share this journey of faith and thank you to each and every Ministry Partner who supports us through prayerful and financial support.   The investment you making in our lives and ministry continues to produce much fruit.  

In His Service,

Chuck Fernandez

Bro.  Chuck & Sis. Terry Fernandez
Kenya/Uganda/Florida Plant
 45 Saved at Chesokwo, Mt. Elgon, Kenya
 Praise the Lord, While we were doing VBS, Our Kenyan Evangelist's were on Mt. Elgon at a village called Chesokwo where they led 45 villagers to Christ.  Mungu Anaweza!