Tuesday, March 7, 2017

It is time, it has been more than two years since Terry left Kenya under extreme medical duress from the cumulative effects of years of malaria and bacterial infections.   Not many people I know has suffered like Terry did year after year. She is in the rare company of those who have hazard their lives for the gospel.  However, over the last two years God has healed her body and we now feel she is strong enough for a short term mission trip to heal her heart from leaving without saying goodbye to the people and land she dearly loves.   I'm not saying this will be her last trip, but I am saying she needs some closure to that season of her life.   She is a faithful servant who loves the Lord and even while healing she has help me plant a new Church in Florida. Our tickets are purchased and we will be returning to Kenya April first.  Please pray that the Lord will prepare our way and protect her as we visit Mt. Elgon, the Kerio Valley and Lake Victoria.   So it is time, it time for her to travel the harsh interior roads of Kenya again, it is time for her to see, smell and touch Africa again, it time for her to fellowship with and teach her ladies again, it is time.

Part of our upcoming mission trip includes coming along side of the now twenty nine Churches to encourage them and support their continued growth.  Our hearts are burdened with the fact that we still have many Churches meeting under trees and in tents while we enjoy padded pews and air conditioned buildings here in America.  Make no mistake about it, we understand the cultural differences with regard to Indigenous Church planting, however we also understand that we can help from time to time with what is a relatively small investment into building projects to put these Church plants into a more permanent phase of ministry by helping them buy a plot of land ($1,000.00) and by helping them build a permanent structure which they are encouraged to bring to completion. ($4,000).   After being back in the States, we are amazed by the six figure amounts of money raised by Church plants for planting and building interstate Churches.  And while we fully realize that wealth is relative to the country, our humble church planting investment yields great fruit for a small investment.   With all that said, we have identified four Churches which are in immediate need of permanent sanctuaries.  The tents we have provided are worn out and as the rainy season is upon them we can and will rise up and build by the grace of God.   We ask you to prayerfully consider adopting one these churches to take on for your goal giving, VBS or otherwise special building offering.   This is a great opportunity to be connected with Churches who are sending out evangelists and planting new Churches while meeting under tents.   If you cannot help construct an entire sanctuary,  pray about giving a special one time offering towards this worthy cause.  Phil. 4:17  Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account.  Listed below are the names, locations and brief history of the four Churches in immediate need of help.

A. Landmark Baptist of Chemondi
Located at the base of Mt. Elgon.

Pastor Victor lives on top of Mt. Elgon and hikes down the mountain by foot two to three times per week to preach God's  Word.  We have help them purchase the plot by faith several months ago and they are now ready to build.    

The Attached Pics are of the Tent we gave them to meet in, those we baptized and the Church vote to organize.   They need our prayers and support as they carry out the great commission. 


B.  Landmark Baptist Church of Chenchingi
located at the base of Mt. Elgon.  Pastor Moses was one of the village reprobates from the neighboring village of Mayanja whom we led to Christ and trained in the gospel ministry.  This is a second generation Church and this is the village where Terry contracted malaria which led to her health crisis. All of these village have a special place in our hearts but this one particularly. They started meeting under trees and we have given them a tent but they are ready for a permanent sanctuary. 


C. Landmark Baptist Church of Kakaron

Located in the Kerio Valley. This was our first Uganda Church plant. Pastor Mosa and the faithful members have been meeting on a borrowed plot under a tent for four years now.   They are also reaching out to the neighboring five villages through evangelism efforts and they have one of the best youth choirs you have ever heard.  Please pray for this young Pastor and Church as they preach Jesus.   

D. Landmark Baptist Church of Morreweis  

Located in the Kerio Valley. This is a second generation Pokot Church plant in a village known as the "Murderers" because of the many men who have committed murder to prove their manhood. They are now born again Christians and are growing in their faith in Jesus.   While this is one of the more recent Church plants they have outgrown the capacity of their tent and they are in need of a permanent sanctuary. 

All of these Churches are doctrinally sound and are led by National Pastors who are supported through their respective Churches.  We are not asking for you to pay Pastors but rather simply help put a permanent roof over their heads for God's people to assemble themselves and worship the Lord Jesus. 
If you have any questions, feel free to email me: missionaryfernandez@gmail.com or call me at (352)-277-1753.  

Please continue to pray for the work in Kenya/Uganda and Florida.


Thank you for your prayerful support and for allowing us to share this journey of faith.

In His Service,

Chuck & Terry Fernandez

Bro. Chuck & Sis. Terry Fernandez
Kenya/Uganda/Florida Plant